The Internet Is A Scary Place

Earlier this week my boyfriend, Neil, wanted to help me out by looking up some natural remedies for scalp dryness (random I know) on the internet. 

We all know the internet is great for a few things (blogging). But, we also know that what we find sometimes can be incredibly scary. Have you ever gone to Google and typed things in such as “how do I….” or “where can I buy…”  do you ever get worried/intrigued/terrified when you see what searches appear below for you to choose from? 

People are incredibly creative when it comes to the things they’re willing ask Google. After all, it’s much easier than the old school encyclopedia, right? 

Back to the real reason why I’m here. Dry scalp. After spouting off 15 or so natural remedies which ranged from lemon juice to salt to baking soda, we settled on coconut oil. Although we bought it for cooking, why not spare a few tablespoons for the good ole’ doo (birds nest)? 


I bet you’re cringing right now….

4-5 Tablespoons of coconut oil. Massage into the scalp and leave for 45-60 minutes. Ok, so extra dry scalp, 90 minutes IT IS! 

Coconut oil, shower cap, cup of tea and 1 1/2 TV shows later, time to take a shower and wash it all out! I think I knew immediately, but I DEFINITELY knew we were semi in trouble when it came to shower #1. It was late at night, so I mistakenly put my hair up still wet (and smelling like a coconut pina colada) and went to bed. 


I woke up thinking I would just dry my hair and we would be good to go. Maybe just a little bit shiny, but that’s it. 

Anyone that has cooked with coconut oil knows that (obviously) when it gets warm it melts, otherwise, when sitting on the shelf at room temperature it is more of a solid.  I felt like a candle when the wax starts to melt near the flame and suddenly the whole thing is just a puddle…. The more and more I ran my fingers through my hair the more oily my hands were getting. 

This was not going to work. 

Keep calm. Deep breaths, it’s only 8 AM, you still have 30 minutes.

Shower #2— Lots and lots of shampoo and conditioner

Hair drying #2 

NOT CALM ANYMORE shallow breathing. It’s 8:15 am.

8:25 AM Smart phone. Google ‘How to get coconut oil out of hair EMERGENCY’ 


8:30 AM Shower #3— dish soap. please please let this work. 

Hair drying #3


What you’re thinking this looked like- 


Photo courtesy of Glamour

How I ended up feeling- a greasy, shorter version of Chewbacca on a good hair day.


Photo courtesy of this site

Moral of the story. The internet is a scary place. Never think that 5 Tablespoons of coconut oil in your hair is EVER going to be okay. 

Till next time. 

~ Coconut hair lady

Quarterly Cliff notes

Time to clean the virtual cobwebs off of the blog and get back to writing. The blog has been hibernating and enough of the nonsense from the groundhog, it’s time to give up on waiting for spring and just make it happen. 

Last ‘real’ blog post was last year. LAST YEAR. It always seem so dramatic to say last year when you’re not even a third of the way through the next year. It’s 2014 now and time to give up the TV and do more writing, reading and crafting. I’ll save all of you the dramatics of a new year— the new years resolutions (and unspoken failures), the promise of things being better, etc, etc. After all, all it takes are those last 10 seconds to transport you from your boring and defeated ‘last year’ to the sparkly new year filled with so much promise. 

I said I would save you the dramatics. Already failed. 

SO. The cliff notes version of the past 3 (or so) months. In no particular order

1. Christmas cookies. LOTS. of Christmas cookies. It started out as the ‘12 days of Christmas’ cookies that turned into about 15 different unique cookies being baked/melted/frozen, etc, you get it. The gas bill was expensive that month. 



I would like to take credit, but I cheated and only made 2— the brownies and raspberry bars.

2. My grandpa passed away. My grandpa was the most intelligent, kind and creative person I’ve ever known. If that man couldn’t fix it, then it wasn’t truly broken. He lived an extremely wonderful 99.9 years spent building, fixing and inventing new things. He taught me to see the good in everyone, and most importantly how to forgive others. 

Oh, and he loved to smile and joke around with everyone. Just when I thought he didn’t know what was going on, or I thought he didn’t hear what I said he would crack a smart alec remark. 


3. I went to Philly for a weekend. I’m still not sure how I feel about Philly, but I do know that I had fun with the people I was there with. Definitely a throw back to my college years- studying, drinking, staying out late, eating pizza, studying. Cliff notes of the Philly Cliff notes- I’m 25 years old. I can not stay out until 4 AM drinking with 0 consequences for the next day week.

imageTexas has big boots. Philly has big slices.


Philly has divey bars. Bars divey enough to make you take photos like this in chairs that make you feel like royalty. We are not royalty.


I forgot to mention it was Marti Gras weekend. Woop. 

4. Neil cooked. I (occasionally) washed dishes. 


It’s like chicken Thanksgiving. Oh, and that’s rice stuffing? DELISH. 


Hungry yet?


This was during our apple phase after going apple picking. Who knew you could make apple versions of so many foods?


I lied. This last one was probably something I ‘cooked’. By cooked I mean I cut up and apple and got donuts from DonutPlanet. If you aren’t drooling yet, then start following me on Instagram. I think my Instagram feed consists of 2 things: delish food and adorable cats.

5. Mink is still here. 

We are failures. That is all. 



6. We went to Madison Square Garden for the FIRST and SECOND time. 

1st: MSU basketball game. We lost. It was uber depressing. 

NOTE: they will not serve you anything in a bottle while allowing you to have the cap. Just a note. For those of you with access, bring a water bottle cap with you. If not, you will just be extremely frustrated and will subsequently end up spending 30 minutes on a Sunday morning Googling “WHY CAN’T I HAVE A CAP ON MY WATER BOTTLE AT MSG??”

2nd: Ellie Goulding Concert. Yes, yes and yes. Oddly enough, this was also when we figured out that there are actually 2 stages at MSG. I think we were in the basement. Don’t worry, the feeling that 10+ stories and the million people at the basketball game are going to crush you in an instant if anything happens eventually goes away.

7. THIS HAPPENED  (a miracle)


8. THIS ALSO HAPPENED (yet another miracle)


I did NOT make the shot. Nice placement of the Empire State Building though, huh.

9. OH AND THIS HAPPENED- Neil got festive and cozy with big balls




Can you say that you made snow angels on a 24th floor Manhattan building patio in January? 




For those of you who don’t know (you should be ashamed) that is Lil Bub and MYSELF. IN THE SAME SPACE. 

Till the next quarterly cliff notes….

What’s not to love about fall. The leaves changing colors, apple picking, pumpkin carving and not to mention eating lots and lots of apple donuts and drinking gallons of apple cider. 

Although I gave up a lot of these fall celebrations when moving to the big city, we still find ways to enjoy the beauty that the city does have to offer. Last weekend boasted clear skies, loads of sunshine and crisp sweatshirt-wearing temperatures. 

We did what we do best, which is take a trip to IKEA on the water taxi to enjoy the weather, and of course, eat a guilty free plate of Swedish meatballs. 

My favorite view of Brooklyn with the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges

Catch you later Manhatty, we’re headed to Red Hook to IKEA

Fall brings out the snuggles in everyone

Who doesn’t like playing a round of ‘Where’s Waldo’ (Neil style) inside of IKEA?

Braving the bugs to sit out on my hotel balcony for the sunset. I can’t help but realize it’s moments like these that always help me to get back on my feet and find my bearings. 

I can hear the crickets loudly chirping, and the buzz of other summertime insects. The sun is just below the tree tops and the sky is filled with pastel yellows, pinks and blues. There’s a light breeze circulating; barely coercing the leaves to move. In the distance the reflection on the water blends into one with the sky. 

The breeze picks up. I hear the desperate chirping of newborn chicks.

I’ve forgotten my worries, just as quickly as I’ve remembered what beauty this world has to offer.

Bar celebrations! Thank you Josh, Meagan and Layla. To Neil for actually taking the bar and for me for putting up with him while he was studying. I can’t complain, I still think I got the better deal.

Bar celebrations! Thank you Josh, Meagan and Layla. To Neil for actually taking the bar and for me for putting up with him while he was studying. I can’t complain, I still think I got the better deal.

Finally. Our first weekend together with no stress after Neil took the bar. It was heaven. Bike rides, city streets and breakfast in bed (which I made!). Short lived as Neil left me yesterday until the end of the month. I’m glad he’s able to take advantage of this time at home with his family.